Referral program

Earn credit on your next invoice by referring a friend.

Complete the form below to refer a fellow advisor, planner, or wealth manager so they can learn more about our industry-leading software. When they become an Advicent partner, you may be eligible to receive a $100 credit on your account!*

 *See full terms and conditions below.

Terms & Conditions
1. These terms and conditions (“Agreement”) shall govern the relationship between the participant (“Participant”) and Advicent Solutions, LP (“Advicent”) in regard to the Advicent Referral Program (“Advicent Referral Program”). Participant agrees that by submitting an online referral form (“Program Form”) they shall be bound by this Agreement. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall modify or alter the terms of any other agreement between Participant and Advicent. This Agreement and the Advicent Referral Program incentives are subject to change, in Advicent’s sole discretion, without notice at any time.
2. Participation in the Advicent Referral Program is limited to current Advicent customers and users that are residents of the United States.
3. In order to be eligible for the Advicent Referral Program, referrals must be made using the Program Form found at: Referrals made by any other means will not be eligible for the Advicent Referral Program incentives.
4. Participants may refer a Contact (“Contact”) by completing all fields on the Program Form.
5. If the Contact referred to Advicent signs a contract to become an Advicent customer within 60 days of the date the Program Form was submitted, the Participant who referred the Contact shall be eligible for a $100 Referral Credit
(“Referral Credit”) on the next invoice for the account to which the Participant belongs. A Contact must sign a minimum of a three-year contract in order for the Participant to be eligible for a Referral Credit.
6. If a referred person is a former customer of Advicent, such person shall only qualify as a Contact if the person has not been an Advicent customer at any time in the six (6) months preceding the Participant’s completion of the Program Form.
7. A referred person may not qualify as a Contact if such person is associated with an enterprise account.
8. Current Advicent prospects and leads shall not qualify as Contacts.
9. The total value of Referral Credits that may collectively be earned by Participants under a single Advicent account shall not exceed $500 in any 12 month period.
10. If two different Participants refer the same Contact, the $100 Referral Credit shall be granted to the account to which the first Participant who made the referral belongs.
11. If a Contact’s employer signs a contract to become an Advicent customer, the Participant referring that Contact shall receive the Referral Credit. In the event that multiple Contacts were referred for the same contracting employer, only the Participant that was the first to submit a Contact for that employer shall receive the Referral Credit.